Akis Douzlatzis | International Master Photographer

Akis Douzlatzis is a world-renowned FineArt photographer,educator, judge and speaker with a specialization in wedding and portrait photography. He has over 120 world awards and has been named Grand Master Photographer from PPAC (Asia) and Master Photographer¬† by two world federations (WPPI-USA / PWS). He has interviewed and has written articles for the largest publications in Greece and abroad as well as for National Television (“Rangefinder” magazine, “In my Bag” , Photobussines Weekly, “K” magazine,¬† Manfrotto School of Xcellence, National Tv , LaBride Australia, Professional Photographer UK).

He travels in Greece and abroad, covering mysteries and personal – family stories, transforming with the particular style that characterizes his work, simple moments in diachronic pictures.


You can reach Akis by using the contact form or send a mail direct to akis_arts@yahoo.com